Meet Sagittae

A Smart New Way of Sharing Each Other's Risks

Introducing the Virtual Mutual

Sagittae introduces mutual risk-sharing based on distributed ledger technology. It is a decentralized and revolutionizing alternative to traditional insurance, completely eliminating the need for expensive and bureaucratic insurance conglomerates and costly middleman structures.

Mutual Protection

New technology allows us to reinstate cost effective mutual fund structures as they once used to exist in small communities, but this time on a global scale and open to everyone.

Smart Contracts

We believe that financial protection is a basic need and should be within everyone's reach. We use the Ethereum blockchain to ensure global access to our services without restrictions.

Open Platform

Our platform offers vast opportunities for businesses that provide insurance related services. To function properly P2P plans often need outside services such as claims handling, loss control or insurance consultancy.


Our vision is to create a system that allows and helps affinity groups to organize their own insurance protection, at a fair price and with simple rules. That is open to anyone worldwide, and that opens up new possibilities for businesses and professionals to offer their services to these groups

See how it works

  We strongly believe that we are on the verge of a major and disruptive change in the insurance industry. New technology allows us to reinstate ancient and cost effective mutual risk sharing structures, but this time on a global scale and open to everyone.

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"Sagittae uses the Ethereum blockchain to return to the basis and essence of insurance"

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"Sagittae Financial Services; Reinventing the insurance value chain"

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"Sagittae's roadmap is mercifully clear"




  • Incorporation Sagittae Financial Services B.V.

    February 2018
  • White paper 1.0

    March 2018
  • Seed capital investment

    April 2018
  • Global team kick-off meeting Amsterdam

    May 2018
  • Alpha version IT platform

    September 2018
  • Extended seed capital investment

    November 2018
  • Incorporation Sagittae Foundation

    May 2019
  • Beta version IT Platform

    June 2019
  • Agreements launching partners

    August 2019
  • Version 1.0 IT Platform

    November 2019
  • Extended seed capital investment

    January 2020
  • Launch first mutual insurance program

    November 2020
  • Series A investment round

    August 2021
  • Global marketing campaign and rollout

    September 2021

Get in Touch with Us

Our Headquarters are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

WTC Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Boulevard 127
1118 BG Amsterdam
The Netherlands