A smart new way of sharing each other's risks

Sagittae™ introduces peer-to-peer financial protection based on blockchain technology. It is a decentralized and revolutionizing alternative to traditional insurance, completely eliminating the need for expensive and bureaucratic insurance conglomerates and costly middleman structures.

Peer-to-Peer Financial Protection

New technology allows us to reinstate cost-effective mutual fund structures as they once used to exist in small communities, but this time on a global scale. Watch our video and get the full picture of who we are, what we do, and how we will change the insurance industry.

Worldwide accessible Smart Contracts

We believe that financial protection is a basic need and should be within everyone's reach, anywhere in the world. We use worldwide accessible smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to realize this.

Meet Sagittae


Sagittae was founded by Robert Volkert and Ton Wennekendonk. With their many years of experience in the international insurance industry at senior management positions, they immediately saw the huge potential that blockchain technology brings, and how things can be done differently and more fairly.


Our vision is to create a system that allows and helps affinity groups to organize their own financial protection, at a fair price and with simple rules. That is open for anyone worldwide, and that opens up new possibilities for professionals to offer their services to these groups.

We strongly believe that we are on the verge of a major and disruptive change in the insurance industry. New technology allows us to reinstate ancient and cost effective mutual risk sharing structures, but this time on a global scale and open to everyone.

"Sagittae uses the Ethereum blockchain to return to the basis and essence of insurance"

"Sagittae Financial Services; Reinventing the insurance value chain"

"Sagittae's roadmap is mercifully clear"


Robert Volkert

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CEO & Founder

Insurance executive with an astonishing over 40 years of experience in the industry. Held multiple senior management positions in Europe and Asia.

Gert-Jaap Glasbergen

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Software Developer

Software developer specialized in blockchain technology. Has gained a broad experience in the wide variety of technologies that are available in this field today.

Randi Cigelnik

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Legal Advisor

Well-respected attorney with a demonstrated history in the global insurance market. Served as general counsel for Property Casualty Insurers Association of America and general counsel for AXIS Capital. Also spent 12 years with the ACE Group in Bermuda and London.

Ton Wennekendonk

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COO & Founder

Business builder with a fascination for technology driven innovation. Worked for major global insurance firms such as AON, Chubb and Cigna International.

Vincent Volkert

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UX / Visual Designer

UX specialist with a background in communication and
multimedia design. Able to turn ideas into a visual concept. Dedicated to design intuitive user journeys for Sagittae's complex processes.

Javeria Ghuman

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Compliance Officer

Highly skilled young professional guarding the essential elements of the project such as AML, CDD and KYC. Also project lead for the establishment of Sagittae Foundation.

Ching Wen Wong

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Business Development Director Asia

Seasoned insurance professional based in Singapore. Strongly committed to capitalize on the many opportunities to roll out our concept in the Asia Pacific region. 

Esther de Krijger

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Graphic and Web Designer

Creative professional whose main aim is to create the most outstanding visuals for all kinds of projects. Skilled in all kind of design from web, print and advertising.

Jan Hooper

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Actuary with a wealth of
experience. Founder and owner of Arcturus actuarial consultants. Previously worked for leading financial institutions including ING, Aegon and Achmea. 

Egbert van de Coevering

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IT Director

Combining major technological expertise with in-depth insight in the insurance business. Initiated and managed serveral successful innovative projects in this sector.

Michiel van Eersel

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Legal Advisor

Experienced attorney dedicated to solve regulatory and legal matters in connection with blockchain based financial innovations. Has a background as lawyer as well as legal and management consultant with De Brauw, EY Law and Korn Ferry.


Our Launching Partners

Become an accredited service provider

Our platform is open to anyone

Also, insurers and reinsurers can join and add value by providing an excess of loss or stop-loss coverage to P2P schemes. Even though peer groups basically fund their own capital needs, such an extra layer of risk protection is of great importance. Especially for larger and more complex schemes.

A unique new business opportunity

Sagittae’s ecosystem for risk protection offers vast opportunities for businesses that provide insurance related services. Our P2P schemes can function completely autonomously but do often need outside services such as claims handling, loss control, insurance consultancy etc.



May 2018

  • Investment Round 1

  • Global team kick-off meeting Amsterdam

  • Agreements launching affinity partners

January 2019

  • Beta testing IT Platform

  • Set up first service providers

December 2019

  • 2 POC schemes up and running

  •  Investment Round 2

September 2020

  • Investment Round 3

  • Global marketing campaign and rollout

March 2018

  • Incorporation Sagittae Financial Services B.V.

  • Website launch

  • White Paper 1.0

September 2018

  • Alpha version IT Platform

May 2019

  • Release version 1.0 of IT Platform 

  • Sagittae Foundation established

May 2020

  • ​​​Release version 2.0 of IT Platform


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